2 August 2013

NEOM Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Hand Cream

This is the first product I have ever tried from NEOM! I've heard wonderful things about the brand and, in particular, their candles. I got this 50ml Complete Bliss: Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Hand Cream (who thinks of these ridiculously long names?!) in my BBB Edit Beauty Box.
The first thing I noticed about this hand cream was it's divine scent. I'm not normally a fan of rose scented things, but the addition of black pepper and lime creates a really fresh fragrance. The cream itself has a lovely texture that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave an oily residue.
As hand creams go, this is a good one. I personally wouldn't shell out £20 on myself for a hand cream as there are some really good cheaper alternatives available. However, I would definitely purchase this for someone else as I think it would make a really nice gift!

Have you tried anything from NEOM?

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