30 October 2013

Words of Wisdom Wednesday | #11

I just love putting these posts together! I think I'll be putting them hold for a little while. I'm starting full time work very soon so my 'Words of Wisdom Wednesdays' will have to be put on the back burner for a little while.

This weeks focus is on courage. Have the courage to push yourself and question things. Nobody gets anywhere in life if they just sit around waiting for something to change. If you really want something, go get it!

Hope you're having a great week. x 

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29 October 2013

Payday Wishlist!

After months and months of job searching, letters and interviews I've finally received a job offer! As of the 2nd December I'll be a full time working woman and I'm so excited to start and put myself to good use! Coincidentally, my first pay slip will arrive just in time for the January sales...

So naturally, I had to put together a little 'payday' wishlist. I've been thinking on it for quite some time and (after I've treated my family and boyfriend to a top notch meal out) I'm going to treat myself to a decent camera. I've been eyeing up the Canon EOS 600D for a while now and I'm pretty much set on it. I know I'll get so much use out of it; not only for the pictures I upload to my blog but also for special occasions, holidays etc! 

1 // 2 // 3 //

My main plan is to treat myself to the Canon EOS 600D and restart my driving lessons (they have been a long time coming!). The rest are just a few things I've chucked in that have caught my eye recently. Maybe I'll follow up this post with a 'Payday Haul' to show you what made the cut?
If you have a DLSR camera yourself (doesn't have to be the 600D) please let me know what you think I should go for! All the tech lingo is new to me so if you have any advice I'd be super grateful. 

Hope you're all having a great day! x

28 October 2013

Why EVERYONE Should Be Using Wool Wax On Their Lips!

Sounds gross right? Wrong. Lanolin is a 100% natural substance found in the wool of sheep - it's what keeps their fleeces healthy and protected throughout the year. What's better and perhaps more relevant to what I'm trying to say, is that its the main ingredient found in Lanolips lip treatments.

I have the shade 'Rhubarb' a subtle pink that offers immense hydration and an SPF of 15. 
The texture is much thicker than other lip treatments I've used but in no way is it heavy or tacky. When I first used it I was quite surprised at how thick it was, and because of that I soon learnt that you really only need the tiniest amount to dab onto your lips. It almost feels like its just sitting on top of the surface rather than hydrating really deep down, but I promise you it does work wonders. If you suffer from chapped lips (particularly during the cold autumn/winter months) this is a must have. It's hands down the most effective lip balm I've ever used. I can't recommend it enough!

27 October 2013

Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Sensitive Skin Cream

Being the skin care addict that I am it was only a matter of time before I dipped my toe into Pai skincare. To start me off I opted for their 'chamomile and rosehip sensitive skin cream'. I normally go for products aimed at targeting oily/combination skin but after my skin decided to seriously freak out a while back I decided that it must be down to using a (or a number of) products that just didn't suit my skin. 

I really stripped back my skin care regime and it's only now that I'm slowly adding things back into it. This cream aimed at soothing and protecting the most sensitive of skins has really helped calm everything down. 
It's quite a rich moisturiser (which I must admit I was a little afraid of with my already oily skin) but it feels light and silky once applied, creating a nice base for your makeup. If your skin gets easily irritated by the cold wintery weather this would definitely sort you out. I haven't experienced any adverse effects since using this, my skin feels hydrated and healthy - and more importantly it hasn't caused any unwanted break outs. Bonus!
Have you tried anything from Pai before? I love that it's an organic brand. The less nasties the better!

25 October 2013

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I can't believe I am actually writing this, but I think I'm in love with using a sponge to apply my foundation. The entire idea of it seemed a bit retro to me to be honest; reminding me of my school days where I'd use those cheap multi-packs of triangle sponges to slap on some foundation. Anyone remember those?

Nevertheless, £4.99 didn't seem a bad deal and I've been itching to try the beauty blender so I thought why the hell not? & I'm so so glad I did! After running it under the tap and squeezing any excess water out I started 'bouncing' it all around my face. The finish and coverage this baby gives is brilliant! Dare I say it, even better than my RT buffing brush. 

The only niggle I've found is that its seriously hard to clean. & for someone like myself that struggles with blemishes it probably isn't the most hygienic product. For £4.99 though it's something that I would happily repurchase when this one has gotten a little bit too grubby. 

Have you tried any of the blender sponges flying around yet? 

23 October 2013

BeautyBay Wishlistin'

You know the deal; you're bored out of your mind and suddenly you find yourself making note of every beauty product that has caught your eye. That plus the fact that beautybay now have the option for you to create your own wishlist(s) I couldn't help but chuck together a wishlist of my own for you!

I'd opt for the 'De-Slick' version of Urban Decays infamous setting spray as I have stupidly oily skin. I often find my makeup slides around during the day (even after setting it with powder) so this looks like it would be right up my street!

I've read so many raving reviews about the Stila Convertible Colors it was only a matter of time before I dipped my toe in. This £23 trio is the perfect way to try them out. I'd opt for the 'Cool' palette which includes the shades; Peony, Lillium and Cherry Blossom.

I've finally used up the last few drops of my bottle. This overnight 'resurfacing and firming' treatment really does work miracles. My skin always looks so much healthier the morning after I've used it. I wish I didn't hold it at HG status; cus' at £31.50 for just 100ml it isn't the most purse friendly product. I really do swear by it though.

I suffer with breakouts all of the darn time. I honestly can't remember the last time my skin was clear. This sulfur based mask claims to calm existing acne and prevent future blemishes; and £17.95 isn't a bad price for a good quality face mask if you ask me.
My skin has been super oily lately and I think this is just the kick up the a** that it needs! It's a clay and calamine based mask that helps to control build up and surface oils without drying out the skin. At £17.95 (although it's not the cheapest) it won't break the bank either.

What are you lusting after at the moment?

Words of Wisdom Wednesday | #10

Whatever you may be going through, however bad it may be, it will eventually end. This year has been one of the worst of my life; filled with plenty more downs than ups. Thankfully, it seems that my luck is *hopefully* starting to change. It's important to remember that things will turn around for you, no matter how awful things may seem you should never give up.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! x

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21 October 2013

Brow Drama!

I'm super lazy with my eyebrows. On the days that I can't be bothered filling them in with Benefits 'Brow Zings' I've been using Maybelline's Brow Drama in 'Medium Brown'. Sometimes if I'm feeling adventurous I'll even use both.. fancy I know! ;)

I'd never delved into the land of brow gels before so when I spotted this in Boots for £4.99 I snapped it up! This is the first high street brow gel I've come across; pretty much all I've read about fall into the higher end of the market. It's nice to see one on offer that's much more purse friendly!

The wand is a strange thing is it not?! I certainly can't say I've ever seen one like that! I actually really like it though, its just the right size to brush through your brows without having to spend much time applying it. Perfect for those in a rush (or lazy like moi!).

It doesn't offer a huge colour pay off, so if you're looking for something to fill in your brows this isn't for you. It does set them really well though, it's the perfect product for those pesky hairs that just won't stay put. It takes like two minutes to apply and it sets really quickly. It's the perfect product for day time/natural brows. 

What are your thoughts on brow gels?

20 October 2013

I'm Feeling Rosemantic

For my 21st birthday one of my good friends very kindly gifted me a Lancôme lipstick. Believe it or not this is the first item I've ever tried from the brand! I haven't heard much about their 'Rouge in Love' lipstick range at all, which is a shame because it definitely deserves some hype. The shade she chose for me was '232M' Rose'Mantic; a gorgeous rosy pink that has very fine flecks of golden glitter running through it. The glitter doesn't really translate to the lips though, it just creates a gorgeous subtle shimmer. 

Lancôme describe this as a 'gorgeously hydrating, vibrant lip colour that offers 6 hours wear and a featherlight texture'. I'd have to agree with that statement apart from its longevity, it may be different for some of the more out there shades in the range but mine certainly doesn't last that long. I tend to reapply this every few hours to keep it looking in tip top shape.

It is, however, super moisturising and light on the lips. In fact I'd probably go as far to say that it's the most hydrating lipstick I own! It's the perfect day-to-night shade and because it's so darn creamy and easy to apply it's also perfect for on the go. I always feel that little bit more polished and sophisticated when I wear this. Anyone else have a lipstick that makes them feel like that? I'm definitely going to be checking out more shades in this range (not that I need to add any more lipsticks to what seems to be an ever growing collection!).

Have you tried any lippies from this range?

You can pick one up yourself for £21 here.

17 October 2013

Bloggers Christmas Slimmers Club | Week 2

I'm not gonna lie, I really struggled this week. I've eaten out a total of THREE times (they were very naughty meals too). + I've been running around here, there and everywhere this week for a few job interviews. Which, in turn, means I've eaten my house and home this week cus' I've been a little bit stressed/nervous. I really need to get over that, because life is gonna get in the way sometimes and I just need to learn how to prepare and deal with it. By some sort of miracle I've managed to maintain.
One of my main issues is what to have for my meals. I know there are tons of healthy things out there but I am a super fussy eater. Seriously, I'm so fussy that I'd probably qualify for the television series 'freaky eaters'. I think the best thing I can do to overcome this is to plan ahead. Last week I spent a little time planning out my meals for the week ahead and it definitely made sticking to my diet a little easier! 
I've been scouring the web for some diet friendly recipes and I stumbled across this brilliant blog. Slimming eats calculates the recipes for those on slimming world but that's not to say you have to be a slimming world member to use them, all the nutritional information is provided for you. Just a heads up for you really, if (like me) you struggle with planning your meals!
Hope you've all had a much better week than me! 

Total lost: 3.5
Left to lose: 10.5

16 October 2013

Words of Wisdom Wednesday | #9

I love this quote. It's SO true. We can't rid the world (or our lives for that matter) of sorrow. At one point or another we all have to experience it. What we can do though, is choose to wallow in it or pick ourselves up and move on. Always strive to see the joy in the world.

Happy Wednesday. x 

P.S I have a big job interview today!! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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11 October 2013


I don't know what it is about magazines and freebies but they ALWAYS draw me in. This time around it was the offering of REN skincare that twisted my arm. I've never picked up a copy of 'InStyle' magazine before but I couldn't pass up trying out some new REN goodies. I'm a self confessed skin care junkie.

I'm not hugely fond of the magazine if I'm totally honest. It's full of adverts (similar to the likes of Elle and Cosmo) and it just isn't one of my favourite reads. I prefer magazines like 'Look' and 'More' which, speaking of - I still can't believe they discontinued?! 

The REN samples would normally cost you £12 but you can snap them up for £2 this month! The samples included are their; Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream, Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk and Vita Mineral Active 7 Eye Gel.

The Gentle Cleansing Milk is absolutely divine! In fact, it's so good that I'm contemplating adding the full size to my skin care stash. It's quick and easy to apply and leaves my skin feeling clean and calm but not tight. I've been loving using it in the morning to freshen my face up. Someone refrain me please, I really do not need another cleanser! 

I've never tried an eye cream before, but I'm definitely on the market for one. I've had my eye on the Avacado Eye Cream by Keihls for a while as I've heard so many raving reviews about it. This gel has a lovely cooling effect and it drys up really quickly after application so you're not left waiting around before you can apply your make up.

I haven't tried the Global Protection Day Cream yet; but if it's anything like the other REN products I've tried in the past it'll score an A* in my book. REN are a brand that are yet to disappoint me. I've loved all of their products (that I've tried) so far! 

Are you a sucker for magazine freebies too? It can't just be me that falls for it!

10 October 2013

Bloggers Christmas Slimmers Club!

So here goes, my first weigh in! This week I managed to lose 3.5lbs. I was so relieved to jump onto the scales and see a loss!

During week one I got to grips with my new slimming world diet, took some dreadful "before" photos and signed up to a couple of work out classes at my local gym. I've mainly been focusing on getting into the swing of things with my diet, but this week I plan to add in gym work outs and classes. After all, I'm not doing this just to lose weight; I want to get fit, healthy and strong too!

I've actually been going to 'body combat' classes every monday for the past few weeks but (much to my embarrassment) this week I fainted during the class. Apparently I haven't been eating enough food that has sugar in so my blood sugar went to pot and my body couldn't cope with the exercise. I was mortified! After a slap on the wrists from the gym guy on duty (and my dad) I've certainly learnt my lesson. If anyone knows of good foods/fruit that has natural sugars in I'm game, so please let me know! 

I should've probably mentioned in my last post that over the past year or so I managed to lose two stone. I wasn't following a specific diet, I had just cut down significantly on drinking alcohol (a uni students prerogative!) and swapped take aways for fresh home cooked food. Since graduating from University and moving back home I've found myself slowly creeping back up and so to nip it in the bud I joined slimming world for some extra guidance/motivation. I'd love to lose an extra 2.5-3 stone in total! 

I hope everyone else has had a good week! Bring on the next. 

Total loss: 3.5
Left to lose: 10.5

9 October 2013

Words of Wisdom Wednesday | #8

It's far too easy to say 'no' and turn down opportunities that may arise for you (I know I'm guilty of that!). Try to say yes more this week; take yourself out of your comfort zone. You never know where it may lead!

Happy Wednesday!

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6 October 2013

Lose A Stone For Christmas!

Last week I joined Slimming World. I was fed up of feeling low and always waiting to 'start my diet on Monday' so me and my friend scooted along to a local meeting. I'm a super fussy eater and because of this I always struggle to follow diets. Much to my delight though, slimming world offers you a huge variety of foods. I've been following the diet plan religiously everyday and I've gotta say I'm really impressed so far. I almost don't understand how I could possibly lose weight without ever feeling hungry or restricted. Sure, you can't eat a whole bar of galaxy, or munch on a tube of pringles but I mean really, what do you expect? The diet allows you to fill up on as much fruit/veg/potatoes/pasta etc as you like. Yes, you read that right! Pasta, potatoes and rice all fall under the category of 'free foods' meaning you can eat as much of it as you like without feeling guilty. 

Coincidentally, I stumbled across a sort of 'bloggers slimming club' today whilst catching up on some blogs. I jumped at the chance to be a part of it; the more motivation the better! I think it's such a great idea, particularly if (like me) you're just starting out on your weight loss/healthy eating journey. 
The aim of the bloggers slimmers club is to lose a stone by Christmas. I think I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon but as I was aiming for this anyway I'm hoping I will be able to lose it! I'd love to finish this year/start next year on a positive note. My ultimate goal is to lose 2.5 - 3 stone in total so this would be a great way to kick it all off! I'll be checking in every Thursday with weekly weigh ins (my Slimming World weigh in occurs on a Wednesday night so it works out best that way). Good luck to everyone else participating. We can do this!   

MAC Eyeshadows: Vanilla + Satin Taupe

I finally took the plunge and bought my first ever MAC eyeshadows. I've wanted to try some out for so so long! Due to the rather ridiculous price tag I opted for a quad. I bought two eyeshadows to begin with; partly to start me off and partly because I couldn't choose (there are soo many gorgeous shades to choose from!). 
I decided to go for 'Vanilla' a soft ivory shade that offers a velvet finish; because what palette doesn't need a good ol' neutral base shade? It has a tiny bit of shimmer in the pan but it doesn't really translate to the eye. 
Next, I opted for their infamous shade 'Satin Taupe'. I'd heard so much about this shade from bloggers and YouTubers alike, and after a lot of google searches I decided this was a definite Gemma shade! As the name suggests, it's a taupe shade (duh!) that has purple undertones. I've mainly been wearing this in my crease but it's also gorgeous applied all over the lid. A great all rounder!  

Apparently it's impossible for me to take a decent photo of swatches on my camera so I decided to get a shot of them in action! Just be warned - I'm super cack handed at applying eyeshadow so don't expect anything spectacular.

This eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful! It is a taupe with strong purple undertones. Also, the finish is quite metallic, so keep that in mind. I prefer wearing it on the lid because it brings out my eye color so well, but you could also use it through the crease. It may suit cooler skin tones a bit better but I think it looks gorgeous on just about anyone. - See more at: http://www.eyeshadowaddictsanonymous.com/2012/12/top-10-mac-eyeshadows-for-fairpale-skin.html#sthash.FRVIEnmf.dpuf
This eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful! It is a taupe with strong purple undertones. Also, the finish is quite metallic, so keep that in mind. I prefer wearing it on the lid because it brings out my eye color so well, but you could also use it through the crease. It may suit cooler skin tones a bit better but I think it looks gorgeous on just about anyone. - See more at: http://www.eyeshadowaddictsanonymous.com/2012/12/top-10-mac-eyeshadows-for-fairpale-skin.html#sthash.FRVIEnmf.dpuf
I don't have a MAC store anywhere near me (in fact the closest store is over 100 miles away) so I've had to heavily rely on reviews and swatches online. Luckily, it's worked out quite well for me so far. I am in love with satin taupe, its such a gorgeous and wearable shade. I find that vanilla works best as a brow bone highlight; I've been wearing it across the lid but the colour pay off isn't great and it takes a ton of building up. I read somewhere that someone else had trouble with pigmentation for a little while until they had 'worn' it in. I'm hoping this will be the case for me.
I've been wearing these shades together almost every day since they arrived. I sweep vanilla all over the lid and blend satin taupe into the crease. & I must say they work wonderfully together!
What shades would you suggest I buy to fill my quad? I'm not a huge fan of warm golden tones on my eyes, I just don't think they suit me. So shades like 'Woodwinked' for example, I'm not interested in. I'd love to hear some suggestions to help me choose gals so please let me know if you have any!

2 October 2013

Words of Wisdom Wednesday | #7

Woah, I can't believe we're on week 7 of my 'Words of Wisdom Wednesday's' feature. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am! Just a heads up; you can find all of the quotes I've used in past posts (+ a few more!) on my Pinterest board

Be extra friendly to the people you meet today. It never hurts to be nice! x

Happy Wednesday :)

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