30 March 2014

March Favourites!

Well, this is new.. I'm actually putting together a monthly favourites post! I don't normally have many products to talk about but this month I've been rekindling my love for some old  (and new) faves that are just too good not to share!

8 March 2014

REN ClearCalm3 Replenishing Gel Cream

Have I finally found my holy grail of moisturisers? I suppose its too soon to tell - but REN's ClearCalm3 Replenishing Gel Cream is very close to making the cut.

4 March 2014

Products NOT Worth The Hype

I'm not often a negative nancy on duggydimples but on occasion I come across some pretty disappointing products and I think they are just as - if not more - important to know about.

2 March 2014

High End Lustin'

Last weekend marked my first ever trip to Space NK (it seriously is like a stepping into a beauty bloggers dream land). After a chat with the loveliest sales assistant and a good browse of the shelves I ended up adding quite a few things to my beauty lust list. Speed forward to this weekend and you'd find me laid up on my sofa nursing the flu and feeling incredibly sorry for myself. Put 2 + 2 together and what do you get? A ton of internet shopping.