23 June 2013

Blast From The Past

We all have those products that we used to love and rave about during our younger years.. but as time goes on they get forgotten about. In my case it's Clean & Clears Dual Action Moisturiser (Oil-free). 
I used to LOVE this moisturiser in my first year of University, but as I got more into reading beauty blogs, naturally I branched out a little in the hopes of finding something extraordinary. Yup - I got sucked into the hypes and product raves.

Clean & clear is not a brand that I ever gravitate towards. In fact I tend to stay away from products/brands that are specifically aimed at blemish prone skin for fear that they will be too harsh. 
This moisturiser however is a complete gem. It's oil free and fragrance free which means its great for sensitive skin. It leaves a real refreshing feel to my skin after applying it. It's hard to explain, but I'd describe it as sort of menthol-y. Don't get me wrong.. it's not harsh but it does leave that sort of 'tingly' fresh feeling. 
This moisturiser isn't a miracle product by any means, but it leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturised and fresh. If you're looking for a decent moisturiser that's way more affordable than some others out there (it currently costs £3.59 at Boots) this might be worth a try.
I'm seriously dying to try out Pai's geranium & thistle combination skin cream but for now this will do the job!
Do you have any budget buy recommendations?

Life Lately... #2

This time last week I was swanning around Donnington loving life at Download Festival. I'd never been to a festival before and it was one of the best times ever! Even the rain and the mud didn't bring my spirits down.

Cuddles with a sleepy nephew and a few whiskeys in the sun with my boyfriend (while kicking his ass at poker) have put a smile on my face this week. 

Whats put a smile on your face this week?

9 June 2013

Life Lately... #1

This week I had a well overdue catch up with one of my oldest friends, Harry. The above picture is us goofing around in a couple of V for Vendetta masks (after a few too many tequila shots were consumed). 
I spent the next day with my gorgeous little nephew. We went to our towns carnival where he fell in love with all the rides and bouncy castles! He never fails to put a grin on my face.
What put a smile on your face this week?

7 June 2013

Finally... A Fake Tan That's OK For The Super Pale

Being a ginge with pale skin that doesn't do anything other than turn pink and gain freckles in the sun, naturally I'm a little wary of bearing my milk bottle legs to the world. However, this past week we've been blessed with scorching hot weather and clear blue skies.. something that is pretty much unheard of where I live (just north of the Lake District in the UK) so I've had to face my fears and let my milk bottle legs run free.. Yeah I don't know where I'm going with this either. 
I've never used fake tan in my life. Purely because I've always been pale and generally I'm okay with that. I just get a little self conscious when it comes to showing off my pale pins. So a few weeks ago I sought out Dove's summer glow nourishing lotion. Being a newbie I thought a gradual self tanner/moisturiser hybrid would be the best option. I picked up the shade for fair to medium skin but I believe there is also one available for medium to dark skin. 

The bottle reckons that it nourishes your skin while gradually enhancing your natural skin colour, stating that you should apply it daily in circular motions to gradually build an even tan. I've been using it for the last four days and I can honestly say I noticed a difference after the first application. I've had a few comments from my nearest and dearests saying that they've noticed a difference too (all comments have been positive ha no orange jokes!). I've only used it on my legs so far as I was too scared to try it out all over but I'm so happy with the results I think I'll be plastering it all over in no time! 

I apply it just like a normal moisturiser but instead of rubbing it in with my fingers I've been using the palm of my hands to avoid any streaks. Even though it's a "gradual" self tanner you can definitely see when things are a tad patchy so I've made an extra effort to be careful. It absorbs really quickly which is a huge bonus as it means you're not waiting around for ages before you can do things. It's left a really lovely colour on my skin, by no means am I "tan" compared to some but for me its a huge difference! I was skeptical at the claim of it "enhancing natural skin colour" but it really does give that effect; very natural. I'm so pleased with it!  It doesn't have that generic fake tan smell either so it gets a big thumbs up from me. 
It's really easy to get as its available in most supermarkets (I picked mine up in Tesco) and on the high street (stories such as Boots and Superdrug). It's a bargain too usually costing around the £5 or under mark!
Have you tried this product or anything similar?

3 June 2013

Supermarket Bargains!

Is it just me or are supermarkets upping there game in the fashion department?! The likes of Tesco and ASDA have really been on the ball lately. I'm not saying everything's wonderful but if you have a good mooch more often than not you'll find some right gems for bargain prices!

This evening me and my friend went for a dander to our local Tesco for a nosey around. So many of my friends seem to find absolute treasures but for some reason I've never had any luck. After wandering around once I was empty handed and ready to leave, thankfully, my friend wanted another look around. Whilst mooching around the second time I found a couple of little gems...

As I'm going to DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL - I'm a little excited - next week I justified buying these cus' I thought they'd come in quite handy (that's what I'm telling myself anyway). 
Anyway, I needed a small bag to take with me but (and I'm not kidding here) I don't own any small handbags. The bigger the better as far I'm concerned! This super cute satchel is the perfect size and it only cost £10 which is a bargain if you ask me. It's got a nice long strap, a zip compartment and cute lining. The print inside of the bag (pictured below) reminds me of something you'd find from Cath Kidston. 
I also picked up this little card holder to keep my I.D and bank card safe over the weekend. The last thing I wanna do is bring my huge purse when I'm carting camping gear around. It has two clear slots and it only cost £2.50! My friend also picked up quite a few clothing items to wear to work (gorgeous skirts, blouses and chiffon dresses). 

So next time you're doing your food shop don't forget to have a nosey around the clothing/accessories sections! There are some right bargains to be found!