23 June 2013

Blast From The Past

We all have those products that we used to love and rave about during our younger years.. but as time goes on they get forgotten about. In my case it's Clean & Clears Dual Action Moisturiser (Oil-free). 
I used to LOVE this moisturiser in my first year of University, but as I got more into reading beauty blogs, naturally I branched out a little in the hopes of finding something extraordinary. Yup - I got sucked into the hypes and product raves.

Clean & clear is not a brand that I ever gravitate towards. In fact I tend to stay away from products/brands that are specifically aimed at blemish prone skin for fear that they will be too harsh. 
This moisturiser however is a complete gem. It's oil free and fragrance free which means its great for sensitive skin. It leaves a real refreshing feel to my skin after applying it. It's hard to explain, but I'd describe it as sort of menthol-y. Don't get me wrong.. it's not harsh but it does leave that sort of 'tingly' fresh feeling. 
This moisturiser isn't a miracle product by any means, but it leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturised and fresh. If you're looking for a decent moisturiser that's way more affordable than some others out there (it currently costs £3.59 at Boots) this might be worth a try.
I'm seriously dying to try out Pai's geranium & thistle combination skin cream but for now this will do the job!
Do you have any budget buy recommendations?

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