3 June 2013

Supermarket Bargains!

Is it just me or are supermarkets upping there game in the fashion department?! The likes of Tesco and ASDA have really been on the ball lately. I'm not saying everything's wonderful but if you have a good mooch more often than not you'll find some right gems for bargain prices!

This evening me and my friend went for a dander to our local Tesco for a nosey around. So many of my friends seem to find absolute treasures but for some reason I've never had any luck. After wandering around once I was empty handed and ready to leave, thankfully, my friend wanted another look around. Whilst mooching around the second time I found a couple of little gems...

As I'm going to DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL - I'm a little excited - next week I justified buying these cus' I thought they'd come in quite handy (that's what I'm telling myself anyway). 
Anyway, I needed a small bag to take with me but (and I'm not kidding here) I don't own any small handbags. The bigger the better as far I'm concerned! This super cute satchel is the perfect size and it only cost £10 which is a bargain if you ask me. It's got a nice long strap, a zip compartment and cute lining. The print inside of the bag (pictured below) reminds me of something you'd find from Cath Kidston. 
I also picked up this little card holder to keep my I.D and bank card safe over the weekend. The last thing I wanna do is bring my huge purse when I'm carting camping gear around. It has two clear slots and it only cost £2.50! My friend also picked up quite a few clothing items to wear to work (gorgeous skirts, blouses and chiffon dresses). 

So next time you're doing your food shop don't forget to have a nosey around the clothing/accessories sections! There are some right bargains to be found!


  1. It's definitely not just you.. Supermarkets really are upping their game in the fashion departments. And there I was thinking shopping for food would take my mind OFF shopping for clothes.. Ahh well, I'll just make sure not to tell the Mr just yet. Ha.

    So jealous you're going to Download too. Less than a week to go! Enjoy!



    1. Haha tell me about it.. nowhere is safe from a splurge nowadays! :P Thank you! I'm so excited it's my first ever festival! x