9 July 2013

A little catch up!

As I haven't been sticking to the once a week 'little things' post *slaps wrists* I thought I'd pop in a little catch up post.

We're having somewhat of a heatwave here in Cumbria so I've been making the most of it and spending a lot of time outdoors sopping up the sun. I may not be able to tan but I can damn sure try (ginger problems)!
1. I finally got round to downloading Rob Zombie's new album 'Venomous Rat Regeneration Vender'. If, like me, you're a fan of their stuff this album will not disappoint.
2. I spent today sun bathing and picnic-ing with my good friend, Danielle. I realise I look EXTRA happy in that pic. Must be the sun ;)
3. Pretty good view, no? I'm so lucky to live so close to the lake district. Weather like this always remind me of that.
4. Grafting at the gym!
5. This is a grumpy nephew tired from our very long hike (even though the most of it he spent on his bike being pushed by me!).
6. My idea of heaven - yankee candles galore.

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