10 October 2013

Bloggers Christmas Slimmers Club!

So here goes, my first weigh in! This week I managed to lose 3.5lbs. I was so relieved to jump onto the scales and see a loss!

During week one I got to grips with my new slimming world diet, took some dreadful "before" photos and signed up to a couple of work out classes at my local gym. I've mainly been focusing on getting into the swing of things with my diet, but this week I plan to add in gym work outs and classes. After all, I'm not doing this just to lose weight; I want to get fit, healthy and strong too!

I've actually been going to 'body combat' classes every monday for the past few weeks but (much to my embarrassment) this week I fainted during the class. Apparently I haven't been eating enough food that has sugar in so my blood sugar went to pot and my body couldn't cope with the exercise. I was mortified! After a slap on the wrists from the gym guy on duty (and my dad) I've certainly learnt my lesson. If anyone knows of good foods/fruit that has natural sugars in I'm game, so please let me know! 

I should've probably mentioned in my last post that over the past year or so I managed to lose two stone. I wasn't following a specific diet, I had just cut down significantly on drinking alcohol (a uni students prerogative!) and swapped take aways for fresh home cooked food. Since graduating from University and moving back home I've found myself slowly creeping back up and so to nip it in the bud I joined slimming world for some extra guidance/motivation. I'd love to lose an extra 2.5-3 stone in total! 

I hope everyone else has had a good week! Bring on the next. 

Total loss: 3.5
Left to lose: 10.5


  1. Congrats onthe loss!


  2. WOW! That is a huge loss, congratulations. I always think even 0.5lbs is good!

    It's always nice to know the diet background of others, you did really well to lose that 2 stone, even if it is creeping up I'm sure it won't take you long to get back to normal. Also, I think just small changes is the best way to go rather than following specific faddy diets so it is nice to read of someone else that does the same!

    You do need to keep your carbohydrates up if you're doing workouts like that though, don't worry about them, they aren't the enemy so things like bananas are fabulous before a workout, I just tend to keep my calories up in the day rather than eating just before. I also usually have a protein drink after, nothing fancy but if I'm working out hard I need to up my calories without going overboard so I just mix milk with a cheap (myprotein.com is great) impact whey powder - plain, the flavoured ones are very sweet.

    I was working out so hard when I lost weight last year that I was eating loads more calories and shifting the weight 2000+

    Sharon xx

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    1. Thank you! I am really pleased with that loss, a good way to kick start my diet! It was my first weigh in though so I think thats why it was quite high.. most weeks won't be like that. Thanks for your advice too, I'm abit of a newb so its really helpful! I'll definitely have a look into trying out some whey powder for days when I work out. x

  3. Fantastic loss, well done and good luck for next week.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if I've put it all back on by tonight's weigh in. I've done so badly this week :(

      Hope you're doing well. x

  4. Well done on the weight loss, I put on so much weight at uni but finally in the swing of dieting! Keep it up :)

    Jen xx

    1. Thanks chuck! I put on most of my weight when I was at University too. I've not been doing too great on the diet front recently but I'm hopefully on the path to setting it straight! I really need to get into the swing of things to stick to it. x