1 August 2013

My Skin Saviour! (Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil)

I've been using Trilogy's Certified Organic Rosehip Oil religiously every night for the past 6 weeks. I didn't originally plan on posting a review til much later on - but the results I've had already are wonderful and I just can't contain my excitement!

This little wonder product has left me feeling so much happier in my skin. I've suffered quite badly over the past two years with hormonal acne and because of this I was left with scars and hyper-pigmentation. On top of all that my skin appeared very dull and just abit lackluster. Since using this product my skin has become radiant, the scars are fading, my skin tone is starting to even out and (dare I say it) I've noticed the pores on my cheeks have significantly reduced. Don't get me wrong - they are still there, but they have definitely become less noticeable. 

I have oily/dehydrated skin. This product has helped hydrate my skin whilst reducing it's overall oiliness. It seems a strange concept to get your head around, but applying a facial oil (to seemingly oily skin) really does help to add moisture without leaving skin feeling oily. Brilliant! 
I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone. I think it's a great all-rounder. The natural ingredients (a blend of rosehip seed oil - yep that's all!) really appeals to me as well. After all, the less gunk we put on our faces is surely for the better.
If you're on the hunt for a good, fair priced (£11.75 for 20ml) facial oil I would absolutely advise checking this out!

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