13 February 2013

Malin & Goetz Acne Treatment

Malin & Goetz acne overnight treatment - £16.50 - can be found here

Although I do have quite problematic blemish-prone skin, I wouldn't say I have acne. This treatment however, has been an absolute god send the past few months. I don't use this every day, but if I'm going through a bad skin patch I dab a little bit of this onto a cotton bud and coat my blemishes in it. This works really well for under the skin nasties that you can't do anything with. It helps to reduce the size and redness of it really quickly. I wouldn't say it works completely overnight but after about two/three nights of using this my blemishes are significantly reduced, if not gone. The only downside is that it dries white on the skin (which is rather embarrassing when you wake up in a rush to answer the door to your postie..).
It has salicylic acid to exfoliate, sulphur to help dry the spot out, and zinc oxide to minimise scarring (which in my case is great because I have a real problem with scarring from past blemishes - even when they're no longer there, they are! Gah!).
I would definitely recommend this product, but when it runs out I plan to purchase origins super spot remover and give that a shot! Have any of you tried a product like this?


  1. Ahh I used this in my late teens and I'm now 22, soon to be 23 and my skin is nearly scar free and I no longer have acne :-)

    you've also got a life long follower in me now :-)
    jade // jade by the sea

    1. That's great! Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm in dire need of help haha. I've just been checking your blog out I love it! Really into my home-y things lately, you just gained a new follower :)

  2. aww yay Gem your blogging this is so good I laaav it! :')