24 August 2014

I'm A Rubbish Blogger

Posts are few and far between nowadays. I'm not gonna lie, it's because most of the week I just wanna come in, have my tea and wind down from work! Sad but true.

First things first - how god damn beautiful is my Grafea camera bag? I am in love. My boyfriend treated me at the beginning of the month for my Birthday and I still can't get over how pretty it is. It's definitely the best looking camera bag I've ever seen. It's really stuctured and sturdy too so I don't have to worry about my beloved camera getting damaged. 

Now let's talk hair. Mine is in desperate need of a cut. I'm currently in the process of growing my full fringe out and it is doing my head in to say the least! I've been messing about with different up do styles to try and push the boat out a little bit ;). 

Last but not least - make up. Here is a selection of both old and new bits I've been loving. The No7 Shade and Define eyeshadow stick in the shade 'Cool Mink' deserves a special mention though. It's a gorgeous taupe shade that is SO long lasting. If you happen to wander past a counter it's worth a look!

How are you spending your bank holiday weekend? I've planned a film night in with boyf, eating Chinese food and drinking Whiskey. I feel like I'm 22 going on 70 but I'm happy with that ha ha!


  1. That camera bag is divine! I’ve been after a new camera bag for a while but the grafea ones look quite pricey. Pretty hair style your hair colour is lovely! Have a nice weekend :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. They are quite pricey! I'm very lucky that I got it for my birthday! It is absolutely beautiful though :). & thank you! x

  2. Could you do a tutorial for the hairstyle above? >< I'm so in love with it xo

  3. I know the feeling and don't blame you, I get so little time to myself my blog posts are becoming less and less. That's a beautiful camera bag and a gorgeous hair style, I know how horrible it is growing out a fringe, I get really lazy and either cut it again or twist it and clip it back.

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

    1. It's hard work isn't it! I hold my hands up to people that work full time and manage to blog consistently! x

  4. I completely agree, it's hard to maintain blogging when life gets busy! I've just got back into it.

    I love the camera bag! You can never go wrong with brown leather Xx

    Olivia - cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Your hair looks lovely, Gemma! I love the camera bag, too. Nice post! :)


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