11 August 2014

A Dewy Glow for Oily Skin

I think I've finally found a product that helps me achieve a natural dewy look without looking like an oily, sweaty mess.

As my skin is more on the oilier side of the spectrum I almost always opt for matte base products. That being said, I picked up L'Oreals Lumi Magique Primer a few months ago and I've been really enjoying adding a dose of glow to my everyday look. It makes my skin look so healthy and glowy without looking like its been coated in oil. It does look a little metallic when you first apply it but once it has settled in and you've applied your usual base it looks fab.

I know a few people like to use this as a cheekbone highlight too, but I've just been slapping it all over my face the good old fashion way! It's very light in texture, sinks in really quickly and feels quite moisturising on the skin.


  1. I really like L'oreal Lumi range and i have been wanting one of their highlighter pens. This product looks really good and I have similar skintype to you so this should work well for me too :)

    Thank you for posting, I hope you have a great day! <3


    X x X x X

    1. I tried the highlighter pen a while back and I wasn't overwhelmed to be honest! I love the primer tho - it's fab :) x x

  2. Will have to check this out as I'm on the look out for a new primer and this sounds really good :) thanks for the review! x

    Sinead - Dreaming Again

    1. No problem! It's a great affordable option :) x x