15 September 2013

Life Lately... #5

My boyfriend has been working away the past few weeks (he came back a few days ago so I'm a happy chappy again) but on a whole the past few weeks have dragged. A lot. The days I didn't spend depressing myself searching for a job were spent babysitting my nephew and their gorgeous dalmatian, Holly. Starting (and finishing) the walking dead game, celebrating one of my besties 21st birthdays and visiting wedding fairs with my mum for her wedding next year. 
  I'm aware I look goofy as hell in that pic but I think it's cute cus' we were caught off guard!
Not so glamorous, but nice all the same! 


  1. I am so envious of that dog! Makes me miss mine so much! Except she's an Alaskan malamute... so much more furry!


    1. I had to google that breed but oh my gaawwd they're gorgeous aren't they! Holly is rather cute too :) x