1 September 2013

Autumn: To Do's

I've been staying at my mums the past few days visiting and last night we had a small get together with friends and neighbors for a BBQ. Luckily, the weather held up and we had a good night: however, I'm afraid its time to say au revior to the summer and hello to autumn. The nights are getting darker muchmuch earlier and the temperature has definitely dropped! I personally LOVE autumn so I'm welcoming it warmly. This year I've decided to compose a little 'to do' list for the autumn/winter period (inspired by the likes of Ann and Dan).

So lets kick this off! This year I intend to:
  1. Experiment with baking. I've really gotten into baking of late and I'm excited to try some more autumnal recipes! 
  2. Go to the gym 3-5 times a week (I signed up last Tuesday! I'd love to lose enough weight so that when summer comes back around and I take off the warm layers people will be like wowza). 
  3. Do something special on bonfire night (I'm thinking a cosy night in with food and fireworks).
  4. Burn cinnamon and spice scented candles. Oh and Yankee's 'Christmas tree' candle too!
  5. Make some cute homemade gifts for my friends and family at Christmas.
  6. Cosy nights in by the fire, watching films and drinking hot chocolate.
  7. Watch the new series of homeland. And the walking dead. And the vampire diaries. I watch too many tv series, the list could go on.
  8. Do some 5* worthy Christmas present wrapping!
  9. Make some homemade jam.
  10. Invest in a winter coat. Or any coat, for that matter.
What are you excited to do this autumn? I love this season. Bring on the woolly jumpers, scarves, yummy food and dark nights.


  1. omg I don't think I can wait any longer for the walking dead! but if Daryl dies I don't think I could continue </3

    1. I'm with you there girl! x


  2. love the idea of baking more! love some nice cakes during the fall months :)