8 February 2015

Buildling A Bottom Drawer

The countdown is on.. 2015 is the year that my boyfriend and I finally become home owners!

1. Door Stop

In my opinion, one of the most exciting things about moving into your own place is planning how you're going to decorate it and what weird and wonderful things to fill it with. I honestly believe its the little things that make a house a home so I feel totally justified in gathering some cute accessories in preparation! 

I've been collecting a few things here and there to start building my 'bottom drawer'. I'm trying so hard not to get carried away (and succeeding - go me!) but I managed to snap up a few items in the post Christmas sales. I'm so happy with the tea/coffee/sugar set I picked up from Laura Ashley. I also got my mitts on two gorgeous frosted glass jars to store bobby pins and cotton wool in (I can't wait to get a new dresser to house all of my beauty goodies!). 

Where do you shop for homeware? Please link me any below, I'm loving finding new stores and reading homeware blog posts! 

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  1. That must be so exciting for you two, and a huge step! I absolutely love both Ikea and H&M for cheap bits, they're usually gorgeous but affordable but I pick up a lot of my ornaments, decor from car boot and charity shops as I usually go for more vintage, kitsch, gaudy items! There is a place in Frodsham, Cheshire called Lady Heyes which is ever so amazing.

    I also love Graham & Green and Zara Home but they aren't quite that affordable.

    Sharon xx
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