15 June 2014

Testing Testing...

Eucerin aren't a brand I'm overly familar with so when I got the chance to try out their cleanser aimed at oily blemish prone skin (erm, hello!) I was all for it. Imagine my delight when not only the cleanser arrived on my doorstep - but also a ton of other sample size products for me to dip my toes into.

I've been using the DermoPURIFYER cleanser for a little while now as my 'second cleanse' to give my skin a good ol' clean. My skin is stupidly sensitive and blemish prone, and (much to my annoyance) it reacts to the slightest thing. I'm happy to report that I've had no adverse effects from using this cleanser. Infact, my skin is looking much happier and clearer after several weeks of use.

If I'm totally honest I wasn't a huge fan of the gel consistency at first however it lathers up nicely and you don't need to use tons of product to cover the whole face. It isn't the most luxurious of cleansers, but it does the job nicely and for an RRP of £9 I really can't complain. It is super gentle and doesn't strip all the moisture out of my skin - it does leave it feeling slightly tight after cleansing but its nothing major. It's actually replaced my Origins Zero Oil cleanser (similar results - a fraction of the price).

I'm still making my way through the pile of samples Escentual very kindly sent to me but there is one in particular that I loved SO much; I wasted no time before snapping up the full size and I'm happily making my way through it at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post to find out what it is!


  1. I'm still to find my ideal cleanser - I have a lot to work through but I've been trying to finish the odd thing I've had lying around for years before getting into the "good" stuff. I like the sound of this, I still get way too many blemishes for my liking (and my age!) but I've never had the best skincare routine. This isn't a bad price either so I really have to give this a go at some point - once I've made some space on my shelves!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

    1. I'm with you there, Sharon! I've put myself on a strict spending ban... everything needs to get used up before I even think about new products.

      I'd definitely recommend this when you get through your stash though - it's cheap and cheerful and its really helping my blemish prone skin! xx