8 February 2014


If you haven't heard of the infamous MAC 217 then I assume you've been hiding under a rock?

Crowned as the top dog of blending brushes that can make even the eye shadow novices amongst us create a smokey look with ease... the only downside is the price - a jaw dropping £18. Well, my friends, I believe I've found a pretty good dupe for a much more purse friendly price of £3.99.

The C441 Pro Blending Crease brush even looks similar (in fact I often get them mixed up). This brush blends shadows with ease and works equally as well with powder product as it does cream. The only difference between the two is that MAC's offering feels a little softer on the skin (I'm talking a teensy weensy bit here!). Which, considering the price difference, is something I'm more than happy to deal with. I picked up a few other crown brushes along with the C441 and I'm so so impressed with the price and quality of them. I've got my eye on the C437 Dome Blender next!
Have you tried any brushes from Crown Brush before?


  1. I have the same type of brush from Coastal Scents which is said to be a dupe for the mac one too. How good does it feel when you find something the same but for cheeper :) xxx

    1. Its fab finding cheaper dupes isn't it! I've not heard of Coastal Scents before.. I'll have to check them out :) x

  2. Dupes are my favourites! haha xx